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    Aeration On The Pour

Experience the pinnacle of wine

enjoyment with our patented stemware.

The Collection:

Release Flavors and Aromas.

Aerating or "decanting" wine has been an art for centuries, proven to mellow the bitter taste of tannins and enhance the softer, fruitier flavors of wine.

Chevalier Aerating Wine Glasses feature a built-in aerating system that create a mixture of wine and air on the pour into the glass, immediately releasing tannins and opening up the flavor profile of wine, making it more enjoyable and smooth to taste.

It's time to say goodbye to messy 3rd party wine aerating devices for good. Simply place Chevalier Aerating Wine Glasses in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup after use.

Our Customers, our Family.

Chevalier is a family owned company. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Our products arrive in gift packaging, creating an exciting experience for gift recipients.

Dishwasher safe? Our glass, metal, and tritan plastic products are all made of dishwasher safe materials.

  • Instantly Maximizes

    Aromas & Flavors

    Aerate up to 9 ounces per pour.

    Equivalent to letting your wine sit for 15

    minutes in a normal glass.

  • Dishwasher


    No third-party devices, no extra cleaning.

    Just set it in the dishwasher after use to


  • Luxury Gift


    Arrives in a ready-to-wrap gift box as a

    set of 2.

  • A Wine Aficionado MUST!!

    If you are a wine aficionado or have friends or family who are and you want a most useful, unique, and fabulous item, these aerating wine glasses are it! I have been buying them for myself and others a now for over a year. When I serve in them my guests are taken and amazed and have to have them. Simply the best!!!


  • Love these!

    This is the third set I’ve purchased. Two sets were gifts. Everyone who sees them are impressed and wowed. They do aerate the wine well and have a nice feel


  • Amazing Gift!

    These are FANTASTIC!! After reading the reviews for several other similar ones I bought these for my boyfriend mom who is a major wine woman! She loves them and they look so amazing and look super high quality. They aerate amazingly and made a huge difference in the taste of the wine, even the box wine!